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Everything you need to know
 about us 

Everything you need
to know  about us 

We are a creative agency that will help change your brand’s present to transform your future. We create and strategically design engaging content to revamp your brand.

Our mission is to elevate brand growth and exposure through strategic conscious content that has a real impact in this digital media era.

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Our team directly manages the entirety of our client’s digital presence, from digital marketing, CRM strategies, email marketing, and SEO guidance. To manage all social media channels, designing high-level content to create follow-worthy feeds, ensuring that engaged followers convert into loyal customers. We will provide meaningful media connections that will keep your brand active in important publications. The Dharma team takes brands to a new level by creating conscious and thoughtful content.


What we believe in

Thoughtful living

Thoughtful living

Conscious content

Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Let's educate

One step at a time

One step at a time

It's all about consistency


Meet the people that takes
brands to a whole new level

Natalia González

The one who started everything. Dharma's creator.

Curious Nat, a conscious and vigilant publicist who is always looking for the opportunity to make a difference. Natalia has over seven years of experience in the communications world. She has impacted the local hospitality industry, agency life, and corporate world with her profound passion for creating unique and transparent campaigns. Nat is a social media guru and sunset lover. She offers a conscious, thoughtful approach to delivering smart and unique ideas that will impact the market.

Founder and CEO

Valentina Gutiérrez

Adobe mastermind . The visual specialist.

Valentina has two things that she's characterized by: the first one is that she needs everything she does in life to make sense. The second is, she loves everything aesthetically pleasing. That is why she's in love with design, creativity, and strategy, and that's why her work goes beyond design.

Senior Art Creator and Designer

Sebastián Morales

The Digital Transformer. He makes everything move.

Sebastian likes movement. He also likes to use computers and other techniques to create moving images that tell stories or provide information. He works with clients and team members to establish project goals, develop storyboards, and design and refine animations.

Special Effects and Animation Developer.

Laura Garavito

Optimization, performance & media guru.

Analytical Laura loves numbers. She develops and executes strategic marketing campaigns for clients across multiple media – paid search, video, and social platforms. Laura troubleshoots, problem solves, and finds creative solutions to client-specific needs.

Media Analyst

Let’s take your brand to a whole new level